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DSE-NN: Deeply Supervised Efficient Neural Network for Real-Time Remote Photoplethysmography

S.Lee, M.Lee, J.Y.Sim

Bioengineering 10.12: 1428 (2023)

Wireless, AI-enabled Wearable Thermal Comfort Sensor for Energy-efficient, Human-in-the-loop Control of Indoor Temperature

S. Cho, H. J. Nam, C. Shi, C. Y. Kim, S.-H. Byun, K.-C. Agno, B. C. Lee, J. Xiao, J.Y. Sim*, J.-W. Jeong*

Biosensors and Bioelectronics  223, 115018 (2023)

On-skin and Tele-haptic Application of Mechanically Decoupled Taxel Array on Dynamically Moving and Soft Surfaces

S.Y. Kwon, G. Park, H. Jin, C. Gu, S.J. Oh, J.Y. Sim, W. Youm, T.-S. Kim, H.J. Kim*, S. Park*

npj flexible electronics 6, 98 (2022)

Beyond Human Touch Perception: An Adaptive Robotic Skin Based on Gallium Microgranules for Pressure Sensory Augmentation

S. Lee, S.H. Byun, C.Y. Kim, S. Cho, S. Park, J.Y. Sim, J.W. Jeong

Advanced Materials 2204805 (2022)

Multichannel Acoustic Spectroscopy of the Human Body for Inviolable Biometric Authentication

H.W. Noh, C.G. Ahn, S.H. Chae, Y. Ku, J.Y. Sim

Biosensors 12, 9 (2022)

Bending Sensor Based on Controlled Microcracking Regions for Application toward Wearable Electronics and Robotics

D.H. Lee, J.C. Yang, J.Y. Sim, H. Kang, H.R. Kim, S. Park

ACS Applied Materials 14, 27 (2022)

An Easy-to-Fabricate Cell Stretcher Reveals Density-Dependent Mechanical Regulation of Collective Cell Movements in Epithelia

K.C. Hart†, J.Y. Sim†, M. A. Hopcroft, D.J. Cohen, J. Tan, W.J. Nelson, B.L. Pruitt

Cellular and molecular bioengineering 14, 569-581 (2021)

Identity Recognition Based on Bioacoustics of Human Body

S.-H. Byun†, J.Y. Sim†, Z. Zhou, J. Lee, R. Qazi, M.C. Walicki, K.E. Parker, M.P. Haney, S.H. Choi, A. Shon, G.B. Gereau, J. Bilbily, S. Li, Y. Liu, W.-H. Yeo, J.G. McCall, J. Xiao, and J.-W. Jeong

IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 2, 51-5, 2761-2772 (2021)

Electrical Impedance of Upper Limb Enables Robust Wearable Identity Recognition against Variation in Finger Placement and Environmental Factors

H.W. Noh†, J.Y. Sim†, C.-G. Ahn, Y. Ku

Biosensors 11, 10: 398 (2021) 

Materials and Manufacturing Strategies for Mechanically Transformative Electronics

S.-H. Byun†, J.Y. Sim†, K-C Agno, and J.-W. Jeong

Materials Today Advances 7, 100089 (2020)

Parallel Signal Processing of Wireless Pressure Sensing Platform Combined with Machine Learning Based Cognition, Inspired from Human Somatosensory System

G.-H. Lee, J.-K. Park, J. Byun, J.C. Yang, S.Y. Kwon, C. Kim, C. Jang, J.Y. Sim†, J.-G. Yook†, and S. Park†

Advanced Materials 1906269 (2020)

Selected as Cover Article

Mechanically Transformative Electronics, Sensors, and Implantable Devices

S.-H. Byun†, J.Y. Sim†, Z. Zhou, J. Lee, R. Qazi, M.C. Walicki, K.E. Parker, M.P. Haney, S.H. Choi, A. Shon, G.B. Gereau, J. Bilbily, S. Li, Y. Liu, W.-H. Yeo, J.G. McCall, J. Xiao, and J.-W. Jeong

Science Advances 5: eaay0418 (2019)

Ratiometric Impedance Sensing of Fingers for Robust Identity Authentication

H.W. Noh, C.-G. Ahn, J.Y. Sim*

Scientific Reports 9, 13566 (2019)

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